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Thursday, June 3, 2010

New From Faith of the Fathers....Our FREE Toolbar

We, with the help of Conduit, have created a new free toolbar for your browser, called "Faith of the Fathers Community Toolbar". It has a search box, a button called "My Menu" that has shortcuts to some of our most popular blogs sections, such as Daily Mass Readings, Saint Quote of the Day, and also shortcuts to Priests For Life, Saint Blogs Parish ( has 100's of Catholic Blogs) and The Hunger Site. It has a news ticker with headlines from Reuters, an email notifier, and a radio player. The radio player has 2 Catholic Radio stations by default, and also has the podcast of the Daily Mass Readings from USCCB. You can add stations  and podcasts as you like. In fact, the toolbar is customizable allowing you to add the applications and items most useful to you.

This toolbar is for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox and can be obtained by clicking the link below:


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